All different, sheltering from 2 to 6 hosts only.
Everywhere wood, oak and walnut wood, solid wooden beams, all twisted with noble, authentic, simple materials. Leather and velvet in the rooms for your comfort. White colors, elegant anthracites, chocolates and crunchy greens are dressing the rooms. Rooms furnished with modern and stylish chic furniture. A joyful detail: little touches of vermilion.

The architect
Jacques Losserand has always been designing in Annecy. As a professional, he explains that he found the challenge very exciting…Because Yes, create the “Loges” was a challenge. The reason why ? The old age of the building – we can trace back to the 14th century -, and its arrogant independence.
Let’s explain: walls are strong enough to live forever whatever happens, arrogant, un-enslaved to fashion and change. “I followed the original structure respecting the shape of the old walls. No matter if inclined: rather than betray the place, I wanted to play with the walls, help this secular House become delicate.
Jacques Losserand likes raw metal. And the wood. Antique floors –in pine wood – have been recycled for the design of duplex and triplex apartments upstairs. On the floor, oak wood, slightly brushed, simple, natural, the only wood that can match the original preserved wood essences.
As for raw metal… It « balances and structures”, highlights the rebellious character of this home, mesmerizing.



Two duplex apartments are available, with a room upstairs and lounge. 1 double bed (180x200cm) or 2 single beds (2x 90x200cm) – and a sofa bed (2x80x195 cm).

Behind the door


Two studio apartments are available, with alcoves. 1 double bed (180x200cm) or 2 single beds (2x 90x200cm)

Behind the door


A triplex apartment is available with 2 double beds (180x200cm) or 2  single beds (2x90x200cm), and a sofa bed (2x80x195cm).


Behind the door


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