The house


A house full of light. And beautiful stones. Old stones. A little rebellious, with irresistible charm, almost carnal.
As you enter, you have the feeling of walking on a hidden atoll: with the sensation of being favored, varnished, spoiled by life. So what ? Let’s enjoy… !
The House, Les Loges, has a true story to tell: the extraordinary treasures discovered on its walls after renovation work - a lake of love, sublime, and an enigmatic blazon- the only one of its kind all around.

AdA confidential address covering with its 5 stars the welcomed hosts. In the heart of the old town of Annecy, this unique intimate cocoon, shelters 5 apartments, rather Suites than apartments, with fireplace and hamam.

The “Loges”, luxury House, combine elegance and discretion, serenity and sensual delight, shamelessly..

etoile-listes Without ever hastening the intimacy of the hosts, the staff of Les Loges is offering you a 5 star Service and is able to react immediately to satisfy your requests.

etoile-listes Delivers to you hot bread and “viennoiseries” every morning at breakfast time, in a wicker basket.Have a taste ? Honey and jams, butter and milk, yoghurts, fruit compote, fresh fruits, fruit juices, whipped cheese, etc…

etoile-listes For your information : Every apartment is equipped with a wine cellar containing two bottles of local wine.

etoile-listes Book an apartment just for a few hours during the day : The apartments can be proposed for a business lunch or a confidential meeting.

  • "Happiness is always within the reach of the one who knows how to enjoy it".LA ROCHEFOUCAULD

Comptoir des Loges by Folie Royale

Le Comptoir des Loges by La Folie Royale

Le Comptoir des Loges by La Folie Royale

Folie Royale develops exclusive recipes and selects subtle drinks for Le Comptoir des Loges.
The establishment offers an original menu, punctuated by the seasons, entirely dedicated to all lovers of fresh produce and authentic flavors.

The service is provided on the terrace or at the counter, Tuesday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Evening until 10 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, during the high season.
On order, residents of Les Loges can benefit from catering delivered to their apartment.

A boutique area offers a few products for sale at Le Comptoir des Loges; products that you will have been able to discover and appreciate during your stay.
Great gift ideas to take home...

Who is Folie Royale ?

Since 2012, Folie Royale has been an Annecy-based company specializing in the art of gourmet snack service. Its hot chocolate has consolidated its notoriety, without forgetting the tasty recipes that accompany it.
Its reputation is always made thanks to the originality of the culinary recipes and the quality of the products.

Folie Royale is know-how in welcoming customers. She brings her skills to places of character, to quality services, by accompanying guests towards complete satisfaction during their stay.

Folie Royale welcomes you to Le Comptoir des Loges, where everything has been thought of for you!

Le Comptoir des Loges by La Folie Royale

  • "The dream, is the luxury of the thought"
    JULES RENARD - Journal


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+33 (0) 450 660 249

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35 rue Sainte Claire 74000 Annecy, France
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